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Fuel Pump Noise

europabluea6 Sep 24, 2003

  1. europabluea6

    europabluea6 New Member

    1998 2.8Q: Anyone experience noise on start up from the fuel pump? I have found switching off and restarting normally stops it (otherwise it just continues endlessly!) but it is quite irritating and occasionally starts up (usually in warm weather) when driving. Any feedback?
  2. jake5717

    jake5717 New Member

    I have a loud squeal when I start my car, it goes for about a min or two then it goes off. It almost sounds like a belt or something. the noise comes from the front of the car under the hood though. Mine happens during morning start up/Warm up, I though maybe it was an aux oil pump that primes the engine when you first start it.


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