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Fuel Pump issues

a-list Nov 9, 2010

  1. a-list

    a-list New Member

    Hi All,

    Just wondered if anyone could help me out.

    My fuel piump is having a few issues at the moment. It works, but sometimes will not prime when the ignition is turned on. If you turn the ignition off and give the top of the pump a whack, then turn the ignition, it suddenly burst into life and primes and the car starts.

    Anyone ever seen this before? Do I need a new fuel pump? Is there any chance of having it fixed?

    Also the fuel sensor does not report the correct amount of fuel, only realised when the car stopped on the way to work. luckily it was only 100yds away.

    Is this just a case of turning the float round and cleaning the sensor?


  2. bengal

    bengal Member

    Have you checked the connections? They could be dirty or loose whacking the pump might be making the connection work again it might also explain the dodgy fuel reading. Other than that your looking at a replacement i reckon.

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