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Fuel Pump have low flow rate, what to replace it with?

ecudude Apr 30, 2013

  1. ecudude

    ecudude New Member

    Hi all,

    I have driven for the past time with stall/stutter on WOT. After finding a lots of smaller leaks in the braided vacum hoses, and TIP, I finally tested the fuel pump iaw this tread:
    (My score on flow was about 200cm3/12,1volt, and 2,5bar with vacum and 3.0 without. Pressure after 10 min around 2bar.)
    The flow should have been more like 400cm3(0.4 Litre).....

    So I gess my pump is bad and need replacement. My car is a stage 1 chip (If I am to trust the previous owner...).

    On ebay there is one pump assy for sale(the whole unit):
    FUEL PUMP ELECTRIC AUDI A3 8L 1.6+1.8 1996 ONWARDS | eBay

    Or possibly oppgrade (single pump):
    BOSCH fuel pump SEAT,SKODA,VW 0986580824 | eBay

    Not sure if the latter will fit my car doe:unsure:

    Is it possible to replace just the pump in these sender units?

    Question two: what about the fuel lines, those hard plastic ones. They have now 14 years on their back, should I replace them?, and if so, with stock parts, or other?

    Thanks for any suggestions or recommendations?
  2. ecudude

    ecudude New Member

    Found this Pierburg pump here:
    PIERBURG fuel pump AUDI,SEAT 7.02700.00.0 | eBay

    Should fit A3 1999, but a bit pricy...

    Also found this state
    @ this web site Fully Enclosed FP34 044 Fuel Surge Tank, FP34 - 034Motorsport | Performance Parts for Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen

    Will this be a fact for my car as well?

    So maybe a stock or replacment pump will work ok, even if I in the future will look at a upgrade to K04? (direct bolt on version)
  3. IrishDave

    IrishDave Active Member

    Either the Bosch pump you have listed there or a walbro DA-31 will be more than sufficient for your needs
  4. ecudude

    ecudude New Member

    Thanks for the replay irshdave. Will it be mutch hassle to replace my intank stock fuel pump with this walbro pump?
    NEW AUDI S3 S4 RS4 RS6 RS8 UPRATED 255 044 FUEL PUMP | eBay

    This walbro pump seems to be the sheapest alternative for an upgrade....
  5. ecudude

    ecudude New Member

    Inorder to prevent som heavy modding to the pump unit, or surge problem(if the basket/swirl is omitted). Looks like this 4bar pump will be a direct replacement, at only £35:
    Fuel Pump Audi A2 A3 TT Ford Galaxy 2 0i 2 3 2 8i V6 2 8 V6 New | eBay

    LENGTH 136mm

    DIAMETER 50mm

    PRESSURE 4bar

    Seems it supporting 225 bhp enginges like the TT etc.

    Any thougts on this one? I guess it will still be ok to run this pump on a 3bar original fuel regulator....

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