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  1. Hi all,

    Posted this in the A3 section too in the hope of a few more responses...

    Does anyone know if there is a non-return valve in the fuel line/system anywhere? I'm sure I remember reading previously that there is...

    Haynes manual also has a value for residual fuel pressure after a certain period of time... after engine is switched off... so that would also fit in with the previous theory.

    The reason I ask is because lately I have had problems starting my car which seem to be fuel starvation related.

    It will start then burble and cough for a few secnds then die. If I give it a little throttle on startup it still coughs but starts far more easily than when I don't. When it has started it runs fine.

    I have an aftermarket fuel rail fitted with a pressure guage attached so I am able to easily monitor fuel pressure at all times.

    When the ignition is turned on I get fuel pressure registered on the guage but after the initial priming of the rail, the pressure then drops off to almost zero... I am sure it didn't do this previously and even when the car had been standing a while there would be 'a' pressure registered on the guage.

    Any help/suggestions/ideas/feedback of personal experiences would, as always, be greatly appreciated.



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