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Fuel Injector - Advise Please

seanseansean Mar 12, 2013

  1. seanseansean

    seanseansean New Member

    Hi there,

    1.6 A31 997 sport AEH now AKL,

    Fuel injectors,

    Injector 4 can spin round if your turn it - Is this normal?

    No obv fuel leaks but under full throttle can this cause an issue? also the are rusted at the top,

    Does anyone have a thread on how to change these and give them a clean plus put new seals in. also code for new seals?

    When I accelerate hard - the car seems to die then come back on full power almost like a turbo kicking in - but this car is not a turbo.

    Any threads or advise on servicing the injectors would be appreciated

    Thanks people

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