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Fuel gauge problem!?

POC Mar 2, 2008

  1. POC

    POC New Member

    Hi guys, I have a 2001 A4 3.0 Quattro and we have a problem with the fuel gauge. Basicly its off the end of the full, way past it and seems to stay there! According to the computer I have 30 miles left in the tank but the gauge reads full and then some lol!

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks, Paul
  2. Nickynibbles

    Nickynibbles Damn it where's 7th gear when you need it?!

    The guages are electrical so you'll have either a problem with the sender unit in the fuel tank or the actual guage itself. Hope for your sake its the sender in the fuel tank because if its the guage its mega bucks to get someone to take your dash apart to get at it!! Get it tested for fault codes as it should show up where your problem is.

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