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Fuel gauge indicator with a mind of its own

tquattro Apr 24, 2012

  1. tquattro

    tquattro Member


    I have a problem with my fuel gauge indicator from my 2002 A3 1.8T. Since I bought the car, the fuel gauge was showing that I had more petrol in the tank than i actually had. When the tank is close to empty the fuel gauge indicator is close to the half-mark from the dial. It is definetly a problem with the instrument cluster(I've tested the fuel level sender unit, the BC shows the correct range and the fuel warning light comes on when it is suposed to). It didn't bothered me, but lately I noticed some odd new behaviours from the Instrument cluster. For example, today my BC was showing an average speed of 0 Km/h and an average fuel consumption of 40.6 l/100km(last night it was @ 10.3l/100km). Also, a couple of days ago the fuel gague needle started jumping around after I switched off the lights(the key was not in the ignition). I uploaded a video showing this:

    Any ideea for a fix? Or it is easier/cheaper to change the instrument cluster+reprograming the immobilizer? I found more topics related to this problem but none offered a solution to the problem

    Have a nice day!
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  2. vfr800

    vfr800 Active Member Team Dolphin Grey Audi S3 quattro Audi A6

    I had a problem on my speedo where it went mental. Found that Audi hadn't reattached the earth connection on top of the rocker-cover near the coil packs.

    I don't know if your problem is earth related just reminded me of my earth problem.

  3. tquattro

    tquattro Member

  4. richardmasher

    richardmasher New Member

    I'm not sure if it's the same, but I've had a few friends of mine have problems with their Mk1 TT instrument clusters. The fuel gauge having a mind of its own being the main problem....
    I have had BBA reman repair the cluster for them, they give you a lifetime guarantee and can put a new LCD in too, if you have dead pixels.
  5. MURRAYS444

    MURRAYS444 Member

    I had a problem with my fuel gauge it was stuck on half when it was empty and I was on the motorway and the car cut out as there was no fuel left, When I took it to audi I was told there had be a recall on the fuel gauge!
  6. tquattro

    tquattro Member

    I believe that the recall doesn't apply here(I'm from Romania) and I already took the Instrument cluster apart. My instrument cluster is made by Jaeger/Magneti Marelli. Tried to remake some soldering joints, I even swaped the fuel/temp gauge motors(they are the same)...but the fuel gauge is still problematic. After further googling it appears that the problem could be with the Motorola processor from the board, it needs reprorgramming(or a new replacement+programming). I don't know if i can find someone locally that is able to do this, shipping the instrument cluster to UK and back would take to long.

    So, I started searching for another Instrument Cluster. Does anyone know if a 2002 TDI Instrument Cluster could be adapted to my 2002 1.8T petrol using only VCDS? ...still remains the problem of pairing the immobilizer from the new Instrument Cluster with my keys.
  7. I had a similar problem!! My fuel gauge was faulty.....my temperature gauge was faulty and my LCD screen had lines through it.

    I took it out and sent it off to BBA-reman (think they are an international company) I paid £185 for a full rebuild and replacement screen. This included delivery and packing!

    My cluster display before and after on my progress thread.......

  8. tquattro

    tquattro Member

    Shipping it to BBA I believe it will take a couple of weeks until I get it back, time in which I cannot use the car. I'm looking for a solution to fix it in 2-3days max. I found this processor already programmed at 80E(the blank processor is 20E):
    MC68HC908AZ60 2J74Y processor already programmed with software you need

    On this site it states that:
    "Using this software you can repair many problems:
    • LCD display not works;
    • km, rpm pointers not work;
    • dashboard lamps blinking, pointers going up and down chaotically;
    • dashboard is totally dead;"
    For now I'm thinking if I will order this processor, I'm still searching for someone locally who could fix my IC. If I will order it I believe that any GSM repair shop can swap the old one with the new one.

    MrTackalakalaka, you have a sweet looking ride.

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