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Fuel filter problems

moggie93 Feb 5, 2013

  1. moggie93

    moggie93 Member

    Hi all, looking for some advice regarding the fuel filter on my AVF 1.9 tdi.
    I have been running a mix of bio fuel for the last few months and had bypassed the original filter by using an inline filter on the supply and return pipes.
    Yesterday I replaced the factory filter and the car was running on my driveway for about 10 mins then it just cut out.. When I removed the pipe that supplies the tandem pump I was squirted with fuel.
    I've never had problem with pressure building up in the filter before.
    I connected the hose back onto the filter and the car started again, then after 10 mins of idling it cut out again with the same pressure in the filter..
    I tried another factory filter and it done the same.
    I've went back to the 2 inline filters and all is well.
    Anyone any ideas what might be wrong.

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