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fuel filter housing

j4yvw May 12, 2013

  1. j4yvw

    j4yvw Member

    Hi i have an audi a3 tdi 170 on a 2007 plate. I have just changed the fuel filter on it but it seems to be leaking from the lid.
    I have replaced the O ring and made sure to tighten the 5 torx screws one by one and opposite to each other thus maintaining even pressure. I have checked and cleaned both the surfaces on the canistor and the lid but it and made sure they are not deformed
    but still leaks. What am i doing incorrect or am i missing something? The new filter only came with an oring.
    Not a very good design in my oppinion.

    My other question is can i replace the whole housing for an earlier type which had top sealing ring on it(looks like olympic rings).

  2. max69vk

    max69vk Active Member

    Did you prise the lid off with a screwdriver? You may have bent the top plate if you did, so use a pair of mole grips to clamp the top & bottom parts of the filter housing together which should seal things up again.
  3. j4yvw

    j4yvw Member

    I used a plastic trim removal tool. I think i have sorted it now. you have to refit the lid a certain way, ie there is a lip on the opposite side of where you prise to open, you have to hook it over then tighten the screws and not the conventional way of put the lid level then tighten the screws oppposite each other. hope that makes sense.

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