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fuel filter help

audi-a6 May 30, 2012

  1. audi-a6

    audi-a6 Active Member

    thought i might change my fuel filter, i have the type that sits on the rear driver underside, a canister with a bolt either side, like this


    how ever, every where i look, my car is listed as having one of these....

    which is different, as it looks like the pipes are just jubilee clipped on????????

    shall i just by the one that looks like mine, ie, this.....

  2. ms1083

    ms1083 Member

    why not (this time) get the part from audi after they look up the exact details of your car using the VIN number rather than reg plate. Amazingly audi parts actually are not that much more expensive than other places.
    I have found that using my reg number does not bring up the right details of parts, I have an audi a6 allroad but reg search says its an a6. I have to search for parts using make, model, year etc.
  3. Ste_Nova

    Ste_Nova Active Member


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