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Fuel Consumption on 3.2Q

MateloT Nov 8, 2004

  1. MateloT

    MateloT Member

    I've been doing a bit of experimentation with fuel consumption since getting my 3.2Q Sline. Heres what i've found.

    All recorded over around 100miles with 80mph ish average speed on a motorway.

    Shell Optimax 30.0mpg
    Texaco Super Unleaded and BP Ultimate Unleaded 27.6mpg
    Stanard 95ron Unleaded 25.4mpg

    Anyone else noticed similar results? is Super Unleaded/BP Ultimate 98ron? Is Shell Optimax 98ron?
  2. StephaneS

    StephaneS Member

    I would say I got a maximum of 2mpg difference, in favor of Optimax, compared with standard 95ron
    however 30mpg is very rare
    only once did I get 33mpg but it was over 80miles of slow motorway traffic at around 50/60mph in 6th.
    average for the last 10 months and 4500 miles I got 24.5mpg that's for a mix between motorway, town and heavy right foot driving(/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/angel.gif)
  3. MateloT

    MateloT Member

    10 months for 4500 miles!?!?? i've had mine 3 weeks now, already on 3000 miles...just cant leave it alone :)
  4. It can vary wildley as main garages tend to use a slightly higher ron fuel than supermarket garages as the fuel tends to stand longer and deteriates more normally u end up with around 96/97 ron by the time you pump it so you will get a better performance from a high street garage that has just had its fuel delivery than any were else. Might explain why you would got better performance from shell than any were else.

  5. The911SC

    The911SC Active Member

    Averaged mine at about 26/27 on a motorway run. I wouldnt bother using 95 ron since the performance (and economy) of the engine wouldnt be as good... then again Optimax is darn expensive!
  6. MateloT

    MateloT Member

    Yer, paying 95p/litre for optimax atm. Well, work is, i'm lucky enough to have an agency card for business + private fuel. Well, that is until my boss sees the fuel bill this month :)
  7. nervus

    nervus Well-Known Member

    95 ron is false economy on high performance engines. I definately get better MPG with optimax.

    I noticed the S3 handbook says you can use either whereas the V6 says says 98ron only - i think it would be crazy to run a high performance car on 95 Ron !
  8. GibsonLP

    GibsonLP New Member

    Lower fuel octane means less resistance to heat and pressure.

    By using a lower octane on advanced cars you actually burn more fuel and get lower performance as the fuel is being ignited prematurely.

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