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Fuel additives

clockwork.satan Oct 14, 2011

  1. clockwork.satan

    clockwork.satan Vorsprung Durch Yer Maw

    Hey guys,

    This is probably a quick and pointless question; do you recommend the use of fuel additives for the diesel A4's?

    I used to add some Millers Diesel Sport to my last diesel car, which increases cetane levels, etc? Is it still worth adding that to the VAG engines?
  2. haytch75

    haytch75 Member

    I use Millers in mine maybe every 4 tanks mate. Just went through the MOT earlier this week and the smoke test was 0.32.
  3. mikeh126

    mikeh126 Member

    Yes - I use Millers Diesel Ecomax in mine - seems to keep the injectors working well, boosts cetane, and IMHO boosts performance. It seems livelier with it added.
    At £10 every 10 fill-ups, (an extra £1 per tank full of fuel) it doesn't break the bank either.
    My advice is : yes - it won't do any harm, and seems to do a lot of good.

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