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Fruit juice stain on cloth seat

sidibear Apr 10, 2012

  1. sidibear

    sidibear Looking for Zombies !! Staff Member Moderator Audi A4

    Yep, clumsy person spilt juice on my cloth seat and its left a mark.
    08 plate B7 A4 S Line
    The seats are two tone grey mid grey / dark grey (cosinus cloth?) and the stain has left a darker patch of around 8" X 12" across the seat.
    What is the best way to remove the mark without changing the colour? I don't want to use cheapy halfrauds stuff so I went into Maidstone Audi when I was there a few days ago but the sales guy was no use and there were no valeters there to advise.
    So here I am opening it up to the most knowledgeable guys so I can get the best result.

    Can anyone also recommend some decent seat covers that don't cost the earth?

    Thanks guys
  2. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    Don't see why some autoglym interior shampoo would not do the trick. Work the whole section though so it does not leave a "spot repair" i.e. looks clean and obvious where the offending stain has been dealt with. Having failed that, provided the seats do not have seat heating I would just have them washed.

    The autoglym stuff is pretty straight forward to use and comes with good instructions on the bottle so no point in me typing them here.
    Use this on a test patch first - always good to check this out.

    DO NOT use any other chemicals such as bleach or digestive enzymes i.e. things you would use on clothes you wear or household carpets etc.

    The AG Interior Shampoo is also a versatile low concentrate detergent that can be used for things like engine dressing. Otherwise, you can always opt for the foam version: Autoglym Hi-Foam Car Interior Shampoo removes dirt quickly. FREE P&P @ Performance Motorcare Products Ltd

    I found that the spray bottle lasts longer than the foam - got more uses out of it. I ended up using the bottle to clean all 4 seats and still had some left in it.

    Hope that helps.
  3. sidibear

    sidibear Looking for Zombies !! Staff Member Moderator Audi A4

    Pot Noodles, Thank you, auto glym interior shampoo it is then.
    I was just going to do the bit that had the juice on it, and the missus was going to us a bit of vanish. Good job I decided to ask on here first.
  4. Juicy Jen

    Juicy Jen Jen @ Juicy Detailing Site Sponsor

    I would look to try some all purpose cleaner such as chemical guys nonsense which has no smell to it....
  5. cloughy

    cloughy Member

    been using car plan interior valet on cloth seats for a couple of years, that stuff is awesome, really easy to use as well, just spray foam work in with the included brush and wipe with a damp cloth

    car plan stain valet is its sister product, this stuff got black bike oil off my headlining, I now use it in the house it's that good

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