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Frozen Cab Windows

Navman911 Dec 20, 2007

  1. Navman911

    Navman911 Vipor

    Maybe I didn't quite think through my decision to buy a cab. Everytime I need to use the car and the windows are frozen, when I close the doors the windows end up resting against the metal supports of the roof!! Slightly concerned I'm going to crack one of the windows at some point!!

    Obviously pouring warm water onto the windows to defrost them (hence allowing them to move up and down that little bit when the doors open and close) is one way of doing it, and when the car's at home I repossess the garage! But what the hell do I do if I've gone out, and I'm coming back to my car at midnight????

    Any solutions much appreciated?!?:jester:
  2. Cupramax

    Cupramax Uber pimp meister

    Sounds like somethings out of alignment. Get your dealer to look at it, not had this problem with mine...
  3. RGBArgee

    RGBArgee Guest

    Agree with Cupra max. Never had this in my 3 winters of A4 Cab ownership.:bye:
  4. andyccr

    andyccr 2003 1.8T Sport Ebony Black A4 Cabriolet

    Never had a problem with mine either. I just had my door repaired by the bodyshop and he was telling me the windows are completely adjustable, so as above I rekon an alignment problem.
  5. timjhoward

    timjhoward Audi Newbie

    Had something similar happen to me earlier today. Opened the door and didn't notice if the window did it's usual drop of a few mm. Went to shut the door but it bounced back open, resting on top of the roof rather than having dropped in behind and then closed fully!

    Got round this by putting the window down manually, then as the engine was running (trying to warm it up a bit!) I lent in and put the window up using the switch (and took my hand out quickly) - window disappeared behind the roof and then shut completely - success!

    I guess you could use the 'comfort close' funtion, opening the window (assuming it is not frozen stuck) and then turn the key in the lock to close all windows etc?

    Must admit I hadn't even thought of this eventuality, roll on spring!

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