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front subframe drop-how to guide??

howdy quattro Feb 15, 2010

  1. howdy quattro

    howdy quattro Member

    Hi lads, oil sludge problem, need to drop the sump, I'm skint and dont fancy the bills from specialists or dealers, and at the mo I dont have access to works ramps or pits, got my car jacked up on stands at home. I know there are a few out there that carry out the work themselves under similar circumstances, this is mainly a thread for advice from them but if anyone else has any comments or links to thread from other sources that I may have missed then please throw me a frickin' bone here!! All I need is to know is how to drop the subframe, by the looks of it it doesn't have to fully drop, as it may pivot enough from the rear mounting points-possibly-if not then obviously I need to know either way, and also what else I need to remove from the subframe, will I need to support the engine as it seems the subframe has no secondary brackets to hold the engine in place if the subframe needs to be dropped. Once the subframe is out of my way its happy days really. Thanks again.

    Pete-aka Howdy Quattro

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