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Front Splitter (Cupra) I want one!!

howardpayne@hotmail.co.uk Dec 1, 2009

  1. Hi People

    Anyone know where i can get the spiltter from on this car, think it is a leon cupra splitter that happens to fit the A4. Anyone knows who fits them also??

    Looks the bo#~ks!!


  2. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Errr perhaps a SEAT dealer......

    £21.60 inc vat

    Part number 1ML 805 903

    Also on ebay but they cost more.

  3. I deserved that eeeeer!!

    Thank you for that dude. Any idea who would fit this, I'm sure it will slot on the the leon as it's designed to.

    However it will need to be adjusted or alterd in some way to fit the A4. I live in Manchester if any one can help??

  4. ultramodz

    ultramodz 06 A4 2.0T FSi S-Line SE

    Dude that's my car... I've written up on how to fit it before in this thread:


  5. Hi

    Thank you for the instructions!! I have just purchased the very same car A4 2.0 T fsi Q Saloon in Black. I'm gonna fit the splitter and pretty much the same suspension with spacers.

    Apart from the occasional catching of the splitter how do you find the ride? is it much harder than normal s line? Also i see you have 17.5mm Spacers f&r, any issues with catching the arches??

    Where did you get the crome mirrors? how much?

    Sorry for all the questions but you have done the exact mods that i was lookng for so your feedback would be a massive help!!

    Thanks in advance!!
  6. Also where did you get the white corners and agian how much were they??
  7. xxxmitchellxxx

    xxxmitchellxxx New Member

    I have one!!!!!
  8. ultramodz

    ultramodz 06 A4 2.0T FSi S-Line SE

    The rear was rubbing when there were 4 adults in the car but only on the plastic/felt arch liner (which has now worn through hehe). I've got some 15mm spacers to go on the back to give a couple of mm more clearance but I haven't got round to fitting them. The camber is easy to adjust on these cars, so I may get that tweaked a bit too.

    For the wheels I'm running, you need 17.5mm spacers on the front so that they clear the brake calipers. You won't get away with anything less.

    The ride isn't harsh as such, but you do notice undulations in the road & potholes can be a bit more of an issue. However going round corners makes up for it :)

    The chrome mirrors are In-Pro items I bought via eBay - they were £80 or so inc. postage from Germany I think.

    If you're going as low with the same wheels/spacers, you'll need 225/35/19 tyres or it will rub on the front arches when cornering. I had an issue with a tyre & needed one the same day - all I could get was a 235/35/19 & it rubs a bit, so it'll be coming off & a 225 going on soon.

    I love the way the car looks, but I'm thinking a different set of wheels is on the cards... though I'm having difficulty deciding which ones!

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