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Front Speakers Wiring

AndrewUkR6 Jan 1, 2009

  1. AndrewUkR6

    AndrewUkR6 Member

    Hi All. Just got a new A3 and fitted an X100 Alpine head unit to an Ipod in the glove box. Was thinking it might be worth changing the front speakers as i have plenty laying around.

    Now ive run quite a few big installs. My last A3 had a superb system which was way over the top! At the moment i cant be bothered to wire amps etc.
    Is it actually worth rewiring off the headunit to the speakers, or would the OEM crappy 14gauge or whatever it is be ok if just running from the head unit?

    Usually id rip it out, install an amp and drill the doors again but not sure if its worth it. Their is still a highly resistive bit of wire out of the back of the Head Unit in either way you'd have join to.

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