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Front Signal and Rear Brake Light Errors

vpg_ii Dec 23, 2004

  1. vpg_ii

    vpg_ii New Member

    '99 A6 Quattro -- My front driver's side signal lamp and the rear passenger side brake lights went out (months apart but finally changed both). Brake lamp working fine but days later, after I was fooling with the front signal lamp, the warning alert arises stating "Brake Light" was out (yet, bulbs are fine and actually light up normally). This alert comes on whenever I hit the brakes (so, a bit annoying driving to the office) yet all is fine with brake lights. Also, the front signal still blinks fast as if it were out and only blinks when lights are on (but, does not blink brightly as my other front signal blinks so still not great when lights on). When I use the passenger (right) signal, it blinks at normal speed and bright as normal in contrast to other. There are no other electrical problems with the car and engine purring with 100k miles on it.

    So, with all that, I really have no idea what is happening with the A6. Audi told me several months ago that my front signal problem has to do with the point that the bulb connects to (needs to be replaced for 700 bucks, nice) and that Audi sees this as common problem yet no recall. Anyone know of any way to fix this me-self without replacing the unit (something to keep bulb better in place)?

    Any idea about the brake light situation as well? I am at a loss and would rather not give the mechanics a G to do this work. All else is fine except that the side mirrors toggle switch broke off when I brushed my hand against it the other day (that was pretty simple) so need to replace it somehow. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

  2. imported_S4Mate

    imported_S4Mate Guest

    This is no help but My 03 S4 drivers side front indicator packed in the other day. Took it in today and was told I needed a new head lamp unit!! I didn't believe them but now I'm beginning to wonder....
  3. audi5e

    audi5e Member

    you could try using an electrical cleaning spray on the contacts in the signal unit. you should be able to get some from a local electronics shop. get a spray that will seal as well as clean the contacts. ultimately you will need to replace the unit, but the spray may prolong use for a year or two.
    The brake light could be caused by a low voltage reading somewhere in the circuit. Use the contact cleaning spray on your brake light contacts and the switch contact.
    You should be able to get hold a toggle switch from a scrap yard?

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