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Front Passeneger wheel bearing replacement - Any tips or guides

technics100 Sep 29, 2005

  1. technics100

    technics100 Active Member

    I have to replace the wheel bearing on the front passeneger side (101K on car so not too bad) Anyone done this and wants to give me some tips or hints on how to do it? cheers
  2. peteA3tdi

    peteA3tdi Member

    i've fitted a few and they are a right james hunt and thats on a ramp and all the right tools!! feck doing one on the floor, if you have not had to replace the top arms get a new nut and bolt for them, you will need a press don't try bashing the new bearing in or it will end in tears, 99% of the nuts will be siezed and will need heating then replacing
    good luck

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