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Front parking Sensor...annoying??

willie Jan 16, 2007

  1. willie

    willie New Member

    Have just read a review by someone saying how annoying the front parking sensor is in traffic. GF wants it on new car......Surely it can be turned on and off quite easily?? Is it on one of the stalks?
  2. Macduff

    Macduff Member

    Front parking sensors only come on if you've used reverse. They go off when you use 2nd gear. I've never found them a problem in traffic

    I suppose if you reversed onto your street and there was slow moving traffic you might not get into 2nd and they might not turn off but then there's a button on the dash to turn them off anyway.
  3. PetrolDave

    PetrolDave Well-Known Member

    They go off when you reach 10 km/h, not when you change gear (I do 30+ in first in my RS4!).

    I have to park in a very tight car park at work and find the front & rear parking sensors invaluable - wouldn't want to be without them.

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