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Front end conversion

damo2009 Sep 10, 2009

  1. damo2009

    damo2009 New Member

    iam looking to convert my front end off my audi a3 53 plate it as the small grill on it ive been looking on here haw to do it and it looks like all you av to to is change the reinforcer bar the bonnet and bumper but when looking for a bumper what reg can i go up to as iav seen some off a 08 09 and they look different again i dont want to change anything else but what ive listed
  2. PregnantNproud

    PregnantNproud Gears of War

    You'll wanna check this thread out mate


    Basically the newest conversion you can do is 2007. The new 2009 front end conversion is much, much more expensive and much, much more difficult...

    P.S you don't have to buy a new impact bar. You can trim your existing impact bar to save on dosh...
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2009

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