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Front end conversion question

bimmerman45 Jul 30, 2011

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    Yep, that's the one you need. Be careful when buying though because there is a bit of a crossover. Some 2005's are still 8P1 and some 2008's are 8P3. A few people on here have been stung when buying a 2005 bonnet and then finding it's from an 8P1.
    Unless you see the car the bonnet is coming off of, go for a bonnet from a 2006-2007 if you can, just to be sure.
  2. BBlackburn

    BBlackburn Member

    Originally Posted by mierzwin
    Ok I will keep looking, s-line bumpers are not that often found on ebay. where did you get your one from ?

    I'll have a s line bumper for sale soon from a 2007 a3, if you or anyone is interested pm me and I'll let you know the details.
  3. Arnie

    Arnie Member

    Looking further into conversion I am considering s-line or s3 facelift like Sarah's A3

    Do both use the same bonnet or S3 has a different one ?
  4. Arnie

    Arnie Member

    ok another option for me. I have been looking online and found nice example with standard facelift bumper with some extra lip. I think it would go nice with my current sport side skirts and rear bumper.

  5. Sarah's A3

    Sarah's A3 MODERATOR V6 S3 Hybrid Moderator


    S Line and S3 uses the same bonnet but be careful, I got stung and got the wrong one. Its the one that fits the single grill but some sellers can mis-lead you. I ended up getting mine from TPS in the end, the guys there were great.
  6. *Müllërz

    *Müllërz REVOlutionary

    that pics of a 8p3 sline is incorrect as the new sline has drls and is called a black edition it has the same front bumper as the s3 only the grill is different (no badge)and a think the bottom lip, i think the pic posted is of a 8p3 with hologen drl or a s line before the black edition

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