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Front Discs and pads

edition Mar 23, 2008

  1. edition

    edition Active Member


    Think my front pads on my 05 3.2 s-line are getting a little on the thin side and prob will need doing in the not too distant future. Am after doing these myself, anybody done these?
    Also where is best to get the bits and what do they cost?


  2. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Firstly depends what you are after. Do you want OE equipment or are you looking for an upgrade in braking quality?

    You could try Euro car parts website for OE brakes:

    Manufacturer Part No Description Stock *Price
    GENUINE 101441160 FRONT BRAKE PADS A3 3.2 6 CYL £38.18
    ATE 101441165 FRONT BRAKE PADS A3 3.2 V6 05- £46.87

    Similar to this is GSF

    If you look about on e-bay you will find some very cheap parts:

    e-bay example (sorry only fast roads one available at present!)

    Other than that buy some from Awesome GTi or one of the website sponsors and fit DIY. The hardest part of changing them is getting the hex bolts on the carriers undone, so make sure you've got a fairly meaty wrench as they get very hot and tend to seize up quite tight (I use a 16" torque wrench to undo them).

    Get some brake cleaner to give a clean up of the carrier and around the piston, and make sure you've got a caliper wind back tool (available for about £15 from Halfrauds).
    I don't know what size the hub nut to release the front disc is on the Audi's but at a guess I'd say around a 32mm. It'll certainly be bigger than anything you get in standard tool box.
    For the pads run a bit of copper grease around the outer edge of the pad (where the pad contacts the hub carrier too as this can stop some of the squeal under braking (obviously none on the pad face). Don't put any on the back of the pad either as it causes the pad to shift about in the carrier under braking and gives you a clonking noise. Reconnect ABS sensor and jobs a good'un.

    Personally I'd think about doing the wheel bearings at the same time. It's not difficult or expensive (if you use ECP or GSF), and while you are there you may as well do them.

    You probably know all of the above so apologies if I've covered it unnecessarily. The above is not gospel, just worked for me, so would be interested to hear anyone elses advice.

  3. edition

    edition Active Member

    Cheers for that, wondering if anyone else has any opinion on this. Was just thinking of doing genuine bits for it really as they seem to be upto the job so far!

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