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front bumper removal help

Effect Feb 3, 2008

  1. Effect

    Effect Member

    How do you remove the front bumper on an S3 ?

    Also where might i be able to find a 2nd hand radiator for the car as well.

    A fox has decided to redesign the front of my car and broken the lwer grill in the bumper i think the fog light on one side and pushed the radiator and air con radiator back the rad is split and not sure about the air con rad yet.

  2. djmotorsport

    djmotorsport Member VCDS Map User

    There are 3 plastic push through clips on the top of the bumper at the front of the engine bay and 2 phillips head screws on the underside. Have a bucket handy to catch the washer fluid when you disconnect the headlight washers
  3. TheSpaceCowboy

    TheSpaceCowboy Member

    Do you not have to remove the wheel arch liners too?
  4. Dave_Bayern

    Dave_Bayern Slipping at 3.5Krpm

    Yup, there are actually 4 plastic plugs on the top, two screws underneath and you need to remove the 2 lowermost wheel arch screws, the one directly behind the bumper/arch and to make it easier the one behind the tyre too, so you'll remove a total of 8 wheel arch screws, 4 plastic plugs and two screws.
  5. TheSpaceCowboy

    TheSpaceCowboy Member

    Little tip, if you go to GSF check the measurements match exactly to what Audi specify! Save a costly mistake since once you accepted the goods you pretty much have no return. I know ive gone on about it loads on here but it really is amazing they can supply the wrong part and leave you in the lurch, especially when your cars in bits on the road. Luckily I'm like a boy scout, adapt, overcome :)

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