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Front bumper question

Jackson_a3 Dec 29, 2010

  1. Jackson_a3

    Jackson_a3 Member

    Like a few others I am in search of a new front bumper as a result of the recent snow...:(

    Am I right in thinking the front bumper changed slightly as a result of the facelift? I have a facelift model and want to make sure any replacement I can find will fit!

    Cheers guys
  2. Lemon S3

    Lemon S3 Alex

    IIRC the front bumper on a facelift and a prefacelift is the same, it was just the front n rear lights that was different on the exterior and maybe the badges.
  3. Don's A3 TTu

    Don's A3 TTu Member

    also the door handles, wing mirrors, side repeater and boot handle are different on the facelift.
    i know the headlights are slightly wider on the facelift and theres a small kink in the bumper at the edge of the headlamp. so you may have to trim it back a little before paint.

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