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Front bumper problem, HELP NEEDED QUICKLY

stuart.garlinge Oct 10, 2011

  1. stuart.garlinge

    stuart.garlinge Member

    hi, my 1.9tdi 130, 2002 avant is in the body shop after having a ding, they phoned today to say that they took the front bumper off to fix and prep it for paint, once off the car they always try and fit back to the car just to make sure that it does actually go straight back on, this is where they hit the problem it wouldn't, the aluminium reinforcing bar along the bumper has been bent/pushed in which has flared both ouside corners of the bumper outwards so both sides have creased downovers under the headlights, they said that we could replace the bent aluminium bar but he can't promise on being able to pull the plastics back into shape coz the bumper is so strong with all the ribbing etc,after pricing parts up the easiest way would be to buy a second hand full bumper, here is my problem i can find lots of bumpers on ebay for every model but mine, will a b5 front bumper fit mine, or if anyone can offer me some ideas, please please do, thanks stu
  2. Cabbyfan

    Cabbyfan Active Member

    b5 bumper won't fit. Depending on the damage your old one should go back on once they fit a new aluminium bar, that is unless the force of the impact has ruined the bumper skin fittings. eBay usually has quite a few front bumpers listed.
  3. choimaloy

    choimaloy Member

    Hi mate I've got a full front bumper for sale if you need it just pm me mate.
  4. stuart.garlinge

    stuart.garlinge Member

    Hi Choimaloy,iv'e just tried to PM you but can't as i haven't got at least 15 posts to my name, has the bumper you have got the headlight washer bits in it, how much are you wanting for it? could you pm me, cheers stu
  5. vr6gordy

    vr6gordy Well-Known Member

    i got one a b6 one for sale if you want it
  6. stuart.garlinge

    stuart.garlinge Member

    Thanks for the offers lads, but all sorted now cheers.

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