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Front bumper parts

marnie2k Feb 11, 2011

  1. marnie2k

    marnie2k Member

    Hiya all .... again
    i think i have got myself a front sline bumper finally but im only getting the front bumper....
    i know i need the foglight surrounds but are my foglights the same or do they to be changed aswell?


    also is there anything else i need for this new bumper to fit besides foglight surrounds and maybe foglights? (front bumper ofc) thanks
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    Your fog lights will not fit the s-line bumper. Yours have a flat edge at the top whilst the s-line fogs are completely round/oval. The fog part no's are 8E0941699C & 8E0941700C.
    You will also need replacement plugs to fit the s-line fogs and repair wire. Part no's 3D0941165, can't find the wire part no.

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