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From Ford to Audi...

MR G Jan 4, 2009

  1. MR G

    MR G Guest

    Hi All!

    I just thought I would pop in here and introduce myself and a bit about what I am about... though this is turning into an essay!

    I have always fancied a nice Audi, (I think it was the bull riding ad!) less ostentatious then a Merc, without the previous 'reputation' of a BMW and sporty without Alfa reliability. Now i'm 21 and working it seemed like a good time....

    I passed my test at seventeen when I brought a KIA Picanto SE, some 3 months old which I had kept for a year when I then traded it in and brought a Fiesta.

    This was a superb car and I kept it for nearly three years until after several offers I finally sold it. As much as I liked the car standard it needed a few little touches and whilst I don't like to 'chav it up' I like extra touches and optional extras that make a car either better or a little more special

    It ended up with Optional 17" Ford alloys, a Ford 6cd changer, Bluetooth, Ford optional kit, Footwell and glovebox lighting Half leather seats with custom mats,colourcoding and a few extra metal touches with the chassis lowered and widened to aid handling.... *Breathe* so you can imagine my replacement car had to be something already special.


    The car I chose to replace it needed to do some longer journeys with a bit more comfort and space in the boot and also handle with more power!

    As such I went over to Audi and brought myself an Akoya Silver 06 A4 S-line, its done a shade over 50k and has the Symphony in dash - CD Changer/Tape with 10 speaker BOSE, Multi function steering wheel, Parking sensors and 18's!



    I'm very happy with it and the service I got from Dave and the team at Brighton Audi, in fact they refurbished all the alloys and as one of the wheels was not quite balanced right they have sent a technian to grab my car and sort it out and deliver it back.

    This is my 7th car with the others being three Escort XR3i's and my absolute pride and Joy, (belive it or not) A late 80's design Orion which I am restoring and building an 2.0 Supercharged zetec lump for.....




    In short i'm nuts about cars and its the little things I want to do with the Audi....


    Footwell lights, (maybe puddle lights)
    Cruise control (trying to get hold of the part numbers of the £25 kit for mfsw)
    Submarine lights (apparently drill, plug and play)
    and An ipod adapter!

    Certainly wouldn't mind some half leather seats either..... :hubbahubba:

    Anyway thats enough for me sorry its such a long intro! :undwech:
  2. MR G

    MR G Guest

    Sorry I should clear up, my current cars are the A4 and the Onion lol
  3. Xmay4444

    Xmay4444 On Point!!

    Welcome to the family, you have chosen wisely oh young one.
    As you said,four rings are for those in the know and not every Harry, **** & Tom. Everything else will now look cheap in comparison.
  4. MR G

    MR G Guest

    thanks for the welcome! Mike
  5. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

    Welcome to the site dude, car looks mint :)
  6. dieselfitter251

    dieselfitter251 Blow ma own trumpet?

    Yup, nice Audi. I had a TDI s-line avant on loan for a couple of days it was a dream. My first car (owner) was a 1.1 b reg escort - damn so easy to work on.!! Welcome!
  7. tmint

    tmint Member

    Mr G ! How long you been here?lol

    nice motor !

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