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From B7 S4 to B7 RS4

CarlosS3S4 Aug 18, 2013

  1. CarlosS3S4

    CarlosS3S4 New Member

    Hi my name is Carlos, I am from Spain.
    I am a happy owner of:
    > 2001 S3 8L revo stage 2
    > 2006 S4 B7

    I bought both cars brand new and I am very happy with them; the S3 with the stage 2 is a brilliant and very exciting car; and the S4 with the V8 sound and feeling..
    But for the last months or so..I am considering a RS4 B7...I have never had the opportunity to test one but everybody says the same, a RS4 B7 is a totally diferent story.

    My question is: in case I decide to buy the RS4 B7, what are the tipycal issues to take in account from this model if any???
    I have read about ceramic brakes...avoid cars with this option??? what is the wear durability??

    your coments will be appreciated.

  2. PetrolDave

    PetrolDave Well-Known Member

    So true, I went form a B6 S4 to a B7 RS4 - the S4 is a soft boulevard cruiser compared to the RS4 which is a proper performance car. I got bored of the S4 after less than 6 months, but I still love the RS4 after over 7 years.

    I don't know where you've heard that about ceramic brakes? - I've not heard about any problems with them, I'd love to have them but they were not an option when I factory ordered mine.

    Things to watch for:
    - DRC leaks
    - oil cooler pipe corrosion (which normally means you have to replace the pipes and the cooler)
    - auxiliary radiator corrosion (a common problem with the S4)
    - vacuum leaks (which have a big effect on performance)

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