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friendly warning to berks peeps, never use...

acf8181 Sep 14, 2004

  1. acf8181

    acf8181 Member

    ...moorside garage in maidenhead.

    i had problems when doing the timing chains on my golf vr6. i put the vehicle back together myself, the car seemed to run fine at idling (started first time perfectly), but lost power once moving. i assumed the timing must be slightly out, rechecked it and everything seemed perfect, which really baffled me. anyway, i've now discovered the reason for this must have been because of a dodgy hall sender, which has been diagnosed now.

    anyway, i contacted moorside garage as my mother had used them for years, and said i wasn't sure the timing was spot on and could they double check it.

    they reported that it must be off at the bottom end, which i was very sure it hadn't been. knowing i was leaving for the nurburgring in days i said put it right please. anyway, for some reason they removed the gearbox, then removed the head, then removed the engine [:s]. i also had to listen to them being very patronising and condescending everytime i spoke to them on the phone...basically saying i was an idiot for attempting the job myself.

    i picked the car up, paying a very hefty bill. immediately the car didn't feel right, seemed to lack bhp still. i thought there was a possibility it was just me, as i'd been driving 8v cars with loads of low end grunt. but once i got onto clear road it became obvious that all was not well. i had a look under the bonnet, and to my horrow there were bits and pieces missing....

    -no bolts holding the rear of the inlet manifold on,
    -engine lift brackets missing,
    -fuel hose clips missing,
    -plug leads pulled very tightly out the holes, and one trapped under manifold - and damaged, so i had to get new leads.

    at this point i got very concerned and came on here. a friend advised me to go and see tony at automotive solutions in sonning...best bit of advise i've ever had, he stayed up til 2:30am trying to sort the car out. he plugged a computer in and immediatly diagnosed a hall sender fault....which was probably why i thought the timing was wrong in the first place..meaning it never needed to be taken apart again. tony also found many a wrong bolt as he investigated the hall sender problem (which he was unfortunatly unable to cure there and then - having had a few hours to work on it, the 'ring trip was the next day)

    anyway, having got back from the 'ring trip (having had to drive with the car on SAFE mode and having had something else unrelated break out there) i've checked everything over..and decided to contact moorside garage to see if they wanted to come some kind of arrangement, you'd have thought they'd want to be nice about it...oh no...

    the guy claimed the car had gone in there with all the bits missing. he reckoned i'd left off the engine lift brackets when i removed the head...but i didn't remove the head i said...he retorted with oh, well you never put those brackets on when replacing the engine [:eek:] . this is the tip of the iceberg, i won't go into all the other stuff he said on a public forum.

    he was rude an obnoxious and ended up hanging up on me...all i'd tried to do was discuss the matter in a calm manner with him, and he'd gone off on one.

    anyway...i know its a waste of time getting lawyers involved. but thought i'd warn you guys to avoid them.
  2. Why get lawyers, it won't do jack. I'd just send some of my boys down to see them.....
  3. Just Plain Old

    Just Plain Old Active Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    pimpmyaudi said:
    Why get lawyers, it won't do jack. I'd just send some of my boys down to see them.....

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Nah, don't so that. Send somebody to 'threaten' them instead.......
  4. audi5e

    audi5e Member

    to give an idea, if 5 people who you told of the experience each told 5 of their friends and they each told 5 of their friends just to six levels of telling and assuming they were different friends (and we all know what happens in the telling of bad news!), there is the potential to reach
    1 220 703 125 people with the bad news!

    how many people live in the UK? :)
  5. audi5e

    audi5e Member

    Five potential customers from this experience, and perhaps five more from each of the other customers who have also been done. Here's a question, would any of you use Moorside garage after reading this? and if anyone asked you to recommend a garage, would you recommend them after reading this? My own answers are no and no.

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