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FRIDAY !!!!:)!!!!

A3 XME Apr 23, 2010

  1. A3 XME

    A3 XME Member

    How glad am i that its Friday!!! even though i'm going straight from work to work.....i cant wait to get out of the office...What does everyone have planned for the weekend??

    Is there anyone going to the VW & Audi show on Sunday in S.Yorks?

    Have a busy day tomorrow doing the car and also some things aroun-d the house e.g fixing back gate and reformatting laptops.

    POST, POST, POST letys all have a gander at what everyone id oing for the weekend......oh.....and if anyone is going on Sunday please let me know and could maybe have a convoy if anyone is interested??
  2. Sarah's A3

    Sarah's A3 MODERATOR V6 S3 Hybrid Moderator

    Off today so the weekend starts today!

    Detailing hubbies car saturday so thats the day taken care of lol

    Where in S Yorkshire is the show??? interesting.

    Other than that, some drinking and hopefully some BBQs!!!
  3. A3 XME

    A3 XME Member

    Hey Sarah,

    The meet is at:

    Elsecar Heritage Centre,
    S. Yorks
    S74 8HJ

    If you are gunna have a nip down let me know and if there are enough people we could maybe have a group convoy??
  4. head

    head Member

    working 2nite,sat nite,sun nite what a weekend lol.
  5. A3 XME

    A3 XME Member

    wow, thats pretty bad to have to go in all weekend. i offered a freind to do the deliveries for him tonight and tomorrow for the extra cash but for the sake of sittin on my a**e in my car outside watching dvd's for the money i cant really moan

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