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Turbo_Boss Sep 29, 2004

  1. Turbo_Boss

    Turbo_Boss New Member

    Looking for a 2002 Audi 1.8T A4, TT, or S4 that wants a free Turbo Timer Companion!!

    I am looking for someone that already has a turbo timer, whether it is installed or not, and has an Audi 2002+ A4, TT, or S4. I want to pilot and install for the Companion. I have done several VW models sucessfully and want to complete a DIY for the Audi. For our site: www.turbotimercompanion.com
    If you check our site under VW you will see a DYI Anthony made on a 03 GTI.
    With allowing me to use your car for this, you will receive the Companion ($79) and install labor ($50) for free. And to top it off, you'll be able to use your keyfob to lock your doors and arm the alarm while the turbo timer is running the engine

    I would estimate 3-6 hours labor worst case scenario. I can come to your home if you have an internet connection I would be able to use. I have a laptop with wireless capability built in so I won't need to come into your home

    Otherwise, I live in Exton, PA and you are more than welcome to come by my place. If you want to hang around and wait or drop it off, that is fine with me. If you deicde to drop it off and want something for collateral, im me and we can discuss this.

    My email is Anthony127@comcast.net. AIM/AOL is anthonyjdcom


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