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Free replacement coil pack (Audi service campaign)

omalleyg Sep 5, 2012


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  1. omalleyg

    omalleyg New Member

    Hi all...have just registered purely to share information some may not be aware of, relating to replacement coil packs on Audi's. There are a number of threads on various forums giving information, but I'd like to share my experience. Read on...

    OK, so I own a 2005 S4 V8 Quattro cabriolet and recently experienced engine 'stutter' when accelerating. My mileage is close to 80k. The engine symbol illuminated on the dash (indicating engine/emissions fault and the manual advice is to get it to garage asap). So, I rang my usual Audi specialist (not dealership) and he said it sounds like a coil pack fault and he'd investigate. Of course, I'm now expecting to pay out some £100's which displeased me (to say).

    As it was the weekend, I decided to research on the www as to whether it was safe to drive. In the process of this, I came across some old threads (2005-2008) advising Audi issued a Service Campaign (an unofficial recall) relating to replacing coil packs on certain models. Now, there is also information advising which engines the campaign relates to but sorry, I don't have this information. My advice is to do as I did and call your Audi dealership.

    So, first thing Monday morning (3 Sept 12), I called my nearest Audi dealership (in Wolverhampton). Sods law though, there system was down until lunchtime so they couldn't check (ah well Jeremy Kyle's on!). Now, what I'd say here is that there was a cynical..."hmmmmm..." when I started talking about free coil packs and the information I got off the www, forums, campaigns. What changed the interest though, was when I quoted the Service Campaign number 28E9. "Ah, I recognise that number." (Kerr-ching to the dealership, me thinks).

    I gave my Chassis number etc etc and as soon as the system was back online, they called me back to advise my car was covered by the campaign...Whoop Whoop (I thought)!!! And they had spares in stock!!! So (against good advice and I don't recommend this or accept any liability if you choose to do the same), I drove to the dealership (same day 12.30pm). Once there, I was treated (unexpectedly) like a really important customer. My taxi home and back to the dealership was paid for, they valeted my car and all 8 coil packs were renewed with no charge whatsoever (all by 4.30pm)! This saved me around £350-400 plus the cost of a hire car.

    A word of caution though, once your motor is in the dealership - they will undertake a health check and probably come back to you with an estimate for repairs. They checked my tyres, lighting, glove box, engine management, oil/brake etc etc fluid levels, service history. They found my 'known' tiny oil leak, a couple of lamps were 'white' and the oil level was just 25%. Politely, I advised I could sort these myself (excluding the oil leak - a job for later and to be tackled by an Audi specialist) and this was unchallenged. To be honest, the young man in the dealership was a gem (Thomas) and was super helpful. Excellent customer service is rare these days but the experience (as intended by Tom's approach) has encouraged me to return to the dealership for my future services...subject to costs, that is!!

    So all in, I'm really satisfied and glad I researched the www to discover the Service Campaign information. Thanks to all forum posters. It seems mileage, age etc etc doesn't matter and you don't need to wait for your coil pack to present a problem to receive this campaign (assuming your vehicle is eligible).

    Well, what are you waiting for???...check it out and take advantage of this campaign...I'm certain (like me) you've paid loads to maintain/repair your car (for me - 4x18" goodyear tyres, new alternator, suspension arms/bushes, brakes in 18 months etc etc), so this was a much welcomed 'nil cost' repair. Now, of course, if the coil packs were quality in the first place, I shouldn't need them changed...however, there's probably lots out there paying unnecessarily.

    Hopefully, one person will benefit from my experience
    Best wishes
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  2. lincoln_dj

    lincoln_dj Active Member VCDS Map User

    where's the option for "already knew" :)
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  3. a6_chris

    a6_chris Well-Known Member

    I think it's been known for years! ;)
  4. fallmonk

    fallmonk Turbo Sport

    Thanks for posting for people who don't know. !
    I recently had the same problem fixed by Glasgow audi and was equally well treated .

    THERMT Member

    Thanks for the very comprehensive post.

    I knew about this and went to my local dealer (carlisle). They werent very helpfull at all and said they dont need replacing anyway.

    Does anyone know the part numbers of the old ones that need changing or the numbers of the new type. Ive heard some horror stories about them catching fire so id like to check them for myself.

    Keep the posts coming OMalley
  6. neils4

    neils4 New Member

    New coils are O7K 905 715F

    Tyneside Audi replaced all eight without question on my b6 S4 today, happily and without question. While I waited (by appointment). Washed the car too, FOC.

    They get paid from Audi, so why wouldn't they be nice? They even left a tin of Audi branded sweeties in the car for me!

    THERMT Member

    Carlise audi have never been good with customer service, too me anyway. I would happily take my money somewhere else.

    Thanks for the part number il check them asap
  8. mhk1058

    mhk1058 New Member

    Yep, treated very well at Swansea Audi after I popped in to purchase coil packs for 2004 3.0 A4, advised of the service campaign, car booked in and sorted, washed and vacuumed FOC along with healthcheck results but felt no pressure at all to sort the few minor bits and bobs they picked up on (no record of brake fluid change, rear discs a bit thin, screen washers need re-aligning etc)

    Impressed that they were more than happy to do this on a 9 year old car.
  9. moggs

    moggs Member

    What engines were covered in the campaign?

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