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  1. alfiejts

    alfiejts Member

    Hi guys,
    Just to say that I've just got back from Preston Audi after a free MOT and it was a good experience.

    I'm sure most are aware, but Audi are doing free MOTs for all private Audis at the moment....

    I was a bit worried - its 5 years old now and I was half expecting something to be declared a fail, but they were very good and it passed.

    They pointed out that my tyres were getting down below 3mm and that I should think of changing, they also pointed out that I was now due a cambelt change - but there was no pressure for any work and I came away with zero cost and an MOT pass certificate....
  2. Brad89

    Brad89 Member

    Yeah thats a brill offer theyre running atm.
    I was a bit worried they would knit pick to find anything worthy of a failure to get their moneys worth. Looks like you was lucky!
    Mines 5 years old as well but ive got a nasty feeling they are gunna have something to say about my squeeky rear shocks! But then again my local stealer (Newton Abbot Audi) aren't exactly the most thoughtful bunch!
    Anywho ive got untill march till the MOT so . . .
  3. norm29

    norm29 Member

    I had my 1st free MOT yesterday with an A3 cab as courtesy car for the day, cant complain especially as they washed it too :)
  4. Wai-Fan

    Wai-Fan Member

    Seems like you guys did well on your MOT's.

    I took up the free offer in feb and they gave me a 220 quid bill to change the rear discs and pads!
  5. alfiejts

    alfiejts Member

    Well I suppose you'd have paid £40 for an MOT anyway, so the disks and pads were really only £180..... :)

    I was due a service and cambelt change in a couple of months - so made lots of "warm" noises about booking in for that soon....

    Wherever you go, you're always worried about "nitpicking".
    I normally us my local ambulance station for MOTs - they are a very straight bunch of guys and in the event that anything is wrong, their labour rates are reasonable...

    That said, last time they failed my wife's car on its number plate letter spacing..(and the only issue was that there was only a single space between the block of three numbers and the block of three letters, not a double space) so you can't get more nit picky than that....
  6. Ads

    Ads License to drive

    Got my MOT coming up soon, so fingers crossed!!

    Wonder if Audi will be anything like Peuegot were?!?!? Took my old 206 Gti in for an MOT, they called me during the day to say that I needed new brakes and discs all round. Quoted something like £300 I think. Asked me if I wanted them to do the work, told 'em no and that'll I'll pick the car up, get it done at kwikfit, and then bring it back for the re-test in a day or two.
    Went to pick up the car later that day, service guy came up to me with a strange look on his face. Says "errmm sir... bit of a problem. I know you said you didn't want the brakes fitted but our technician misheard me when I said not to do the work... and did the work!"
    Went on to say "but the good news is we'll do it at half price as a good will gesture".
    My response... "Ta, but no ta!.
    His counter response.... "£50??"
    My response.... "Nope".

    Result.... MOT pass and free brakes!!! :)

    Somehow I can't see lightning striking twice though :crying:
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2009
  7. SAiLO

    SAiLO Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I did my free MOT back in July in Docklands Audi, and there was no problem whatsoever. The car's 5years old but only has 36k on the clock :)
  8. Wai-Fan

    Wai-Fan Member

    Wow! Lucky! Wish I did something like that when I went for my MOT!

    Hmmm, you weren't on 206info.co.uk were you???

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