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fr&r tunning ?

m19lte Jun 11, 2013

  1. m19lte

    m19lte Member

    Hi folks, not sure if this should be here !?! But does anyone have any experience with fr&r tuning in Bradford ? I'm due to get my 8l s3 mapped soon (stage 2 levels) thinking of giving these chaps a call as there local (ish) want a custom map doing though, none of this generic stuff. Cheers
  2. s3gazz

    s3gazz Well-Known Member

    I had a bad experience with them before they got a dyno
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  3. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep

    If you want a custom map then go somewhere that's got a great reputation for the 1.8t engine.

    Bill @ badger5 is a great custom mapper and is a site sponsor....there are also a few other excellent mappers as well such as Nicki @ R tech.

    If you want the best and 'none of this generic stuff' then you're going to have to travel to get it. I made a 400 mile round trip to get my map put on and my car and to have it properly checked out before anything was altered and I have no regrets in doing that.

    Just out of curiosity - what's the full spec of you're car? and what are you hoping to hit bhp wise?
  4. m19lte

    m19lte Member

    Cheers guys, yea just wondering as they've been popping up lately. And I'm in the process of getting mine mapped. It's an 2002 s3 8l with a bam lump, just put forged rods in and rebuilt it. Just coming out of it's running in period now, it running a custard code stage 1 ATM. Whilst doing the rods I've put in/on....
    -piperx panel filter, 3" down pipe decat, b5 3" tip, forge 008 d/v, plus mods to the bumper taking the fog lights out to cool the standard intercoolers (Don't want a big gaping fmic, don't like the look of em, and I like the original look) just toying with these ATM doing some logs and the intake temps average around mid 20°s to mid 30°s on everyday driving, and only get up to 40° when stationary.
    So were talking about ambient +20° doesn't sound too bad to me !?!
    But yea I want a full check over first and then logs and map.
  5. m19lte

    m19lte Member

    Oh and bhp wise ! Not to fused mate, it runs well now, but I know it will run much better with a custom map. Just want a good smooth reliable unit.cheers

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