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fr-r tuning - Review ?

Wilonso Mar 21, 2013

  1. Wilonso

    Wilonso Member

    Has anyone ordered anything from fr-rtuning ? I am looking to order some lowering springs from them as they are 32 pound cheaper than DPM and also 50 pound cheaper with the postage and packaging to Cyprus.

    So if anyone can vouch for there credibility it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Jonathaan

    Jonathaan Quattro

    You cannot put a price on security - With DPM you know you are going to receive what you paid for and also within the given time due to his reputation.

    As for FR R i am sure there was once a guy from there who made an account on here "Bigging" the company up,
  3. Wilonso

    Wilonso Member

    Yeah i used the search function first and it was 50/50 Alex said he had some work done or received some parts from them all in good time and working order. But the only iffy reviews are with people who actually went down to the work shop and that was based on the shop being a bit messy.

    I would like and prefer to order with DPM but 80 quid is a big difference when im just ordering lowering springs.
  4. sliced

    sliced Drive safe, stay alive.

    Fr&R are wicked mate!
  5. olethalb

    olethalb Active Member

    used twice -NEVER EVER again they still owe me a fair few quid i'll likely never see again
  6. S3Alex

    S3Alex Rarely neutral Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi S3 DSG

    I ordered a few bits a long while ago and had no problems,but received a very ambitious idea of how long they would take to fit a turbo kit,when I asked for a quote on the kit costs.

    Turned out I was right and they were not even close.
  7. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    they're okay for ordering parts.. i've ordered parts from them for about 2 years now and only had one problem where they sent me a one way valve instead of an n80 valve... but if you have access to etka (some really helpful forum users on here can help) then you can't go wrong with the part you are after. in terms of having work done by them i was kind of put off by the 'back street' garage look... and some of their facebook posts are a bit... well let's just say there is not much activity there. otherwise the lads are spot on, professional and helpful.
  8. inkster

    inkster New Member

    Alright guys I know how important feedback as I’m quite anal about reading before buying. I first came across Fr and r tuning about 1 year ago whilst looking for ideas for my 2007 Audi s3 8p, I phoned them up and spoke to one of the sales team who are also part of the workshop/tuning team, NOT just a salesman working part time whilst studying Maths at uni so he knew is info.

    I ordered an ITG induction kit to go with my turbo back miltek which was already on the car, a Forge diverter valve and THS FRIC over the course of 6 months and they all came within the week and fully packaged up to the hills, bubble wrap - tape - box !!

    When I was fitting all these part I phoned up to ask afew questions that I had and the guy on the phone helped me out straight away!
    Also all the products come with really good installation instructions!

    The only reason I am not getting my car mapped by these guy is because I live in Aberdeen Scotland and I have a Revo mapping garage round the corner from my house, they did offer me an option of a downloadable map and they gave me a good deal with it but I really want a live map so had to decline the offer.

    I will be using these guys again.

    Hope this helps aid your decision.

  9. ryanstewart9

    ryanstewart9 Member

    Don't DPM have a price beater?

    If you find the item cheaper elsewhere they'll match/beat it.

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