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Forum virgin lookin for a new engine!

Nsimy Aug 27, 2012

  1. Nsimy

    Nsimy New Member

    Hi all, great forum. Recently purchased my 2002 s3 8l 225 110k miles but every receipt and mot for the car including original purchase invoice. As well as a fsh...... But unfortunately the engine has went pop and there is now a 4 inch hole in my sump:wtf:.

    It seemed to just happen with no warning signs!!!! So I am looking for some advice about replacing my engine, I would prefer to stick another bam in it but I am open to suggestions. I love my S3 and need him fixed any help is hugely appreciated. The turbo etc are fine just the block that's screwed but will not know till my mechanic takes a look.

    Thanks Nsimy
  2. Greg-S3

    Greg-S3 Active Member

    Plenty of BAM engine on eBay with a warranty, or google Audi S3 engines engines etc.
  3. rhubarb4

    rhubarb4 Certified Audi nutter Gold Supporter Team Silver Audi S3 quattro

    Welcome to ASN, Sorry to hear that mate shame for your first post, like Gregor said eBay is your best bet. You could always start the mod bug going and get an engine with the rods uprated to get some power going through it without worry of it happening again. As you get to know some of us regulars were all power hungry lol. Enjoy the forum and when your cars sorted you will love it to bits. :thumbsup:

  4. Nsimy

    Nsimy New Member

    Yeah i have looked at a couple on ebay. How much do you reckon a reconditioned bam should set me back, i have a qoute of £1800 fitted reconditioned Bam. Audi want £3200 for new engine.
  5. Nsimy

    Nsimy New Member

    Yeah, thats what i am in 2 minds with, get a standard Bam and go to say 270hp ish or get a forged one and go for 300+bhp. I do have £ to spend but with me being new to the s3 i dont know what sort of money i should be paying for an engine. I am lost i suppose!!!
    Thanks for replys, i have been running an e46 m3 for past year but i have always wanted an S3,so dumped the Beemer. Had various other vags, edition 30, r32 mkv but i have always loved the s3 8l and even though mine shagged i still feel the same!!!! Oh heres the damage, yuk.[​IMG]
  6. IH786

    IH786 Member

    If you want a cheap engine to rebuild - I am selling mine. Its out of a 2003 Leon Cupra R.

    The engine code is AMK but its identical to the BAM engine (search forum for more info on that).

    Runs perfect - nothing wrong with it at all. I am selling as I have just put a forged engine into my car today.

    Drop me a PM if you are interested :)

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