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Forum Members Map

kash0 Nov 15, 2005

  1. kash0

    kash0 Member

    Hey guys,

    Thought this might be cool to start off.

    Started a map for our forum members that own an A3 (8P). Nice way to know where the forum members drive their machines.

    It's pretty easy, go to this website and do the following:

    Forum Members Map

    in the Name field add your Audi Sport User ID
    in the City field add your City or if in the US its a ZipCode field
    in the Shoutout field add your vehicle type(s) or whatever else you might want to add.

    There is also the option to attach pictures if you wish.

    This is all the info you need; this is NOT a public map.

    Hope we get good participation and only A3 (8P) owners please.

  2. necroeire

    necroeire Active Member


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