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Forge upgrade model number ?

flippy Mar 6, 2009

  1. flippy

    flippy New Member

    Trying to do some purchase from Forge to my S3 S3 2001. Couple question hope someone can clairfy

    - there are 2 model of DV from forge website. FMCL007P and FMCL007P. Can someone tell which is better and the different?

    - FMDVSPLTR - The Splitter, a Recirculation and Blow Off Valve ... I really interested any effect of performance dropping and how its blow off sounds act.
  2. Forge

    Forge Member

    The Forge valve 007P is great on your 1.8T
    This type of valve is a single piston , single spring diverter valve, it is
    silent in operation
    It locates in the same position as your original black plastic Bosch valve ,
    It will not give you any issues or check engine lights .

    The Forge 007P valves are a two piece valve which are serve and guaranteed for

    or the Split R
    The Split R valve design will automatically keep the MAF and ECU happy with regards to fault codes. It has a restricted Atmospheric port to the correct percentage for this reason.

    The choice is yours they both work well . and are avialable from the vendors on the forum

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