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Forge Splitter Valve

juntz May 16, 2008

  1. juntz

    juntz New Member

    I purchased a Forge splitter Valve and run it in Atmospheric for a week or so and was not really happy with it so put the OEM valve back on.

    I know want to give it a run in Recirc mode and am wondering what setting i should have the spring at?

    i believe i was running it at 35 turns from fully anti clockwise in Atmospheric.

    should it be the same in Recirc? my car has been mapped but it is an unknown map that was done by a local garage for the chap i bought the car off so i do not know what boost i am running at which i guess determines the spring tension?

    i know where he had the map done so i guess i should just ring him to see which one it is. hes an independant BMW specialist so i take it he would use something like CC or Revo rather than a map that he has made himself?

    forgive me for the stupid question but im a bit of a novice unfortunately.

  2. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    hi, best to contact CC or Revo like you said..... they will point you in the right direction....also find out prior to calling what map it is from the specialist...... if its an unknown, you could be running dangerous boost..... could end up costing you some cash for a decent map but thats better than a new turbo
  3. Ian W

    Ian W Active Member

    AFAIK the splitter is always running as a recirc, the adjuster on the top is the amount of noise you will here.
  4. juntz

    juntz New Member

    there are 2 fitments arnt there, the horn shaped one is for Atmospheric (which is not fully atmospheric 70-30 split or summin) and the circular one seals the valve so that it runs fully recirc.

    doesnt the dial at the top of the valve determine the spring tension so that you fine tune it to your boost setting so the valve opens at the relevant pressure. I was not under the impression the dial had any bearing on the amount of noise the valve makes?

    forgive me if im wrong though

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