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Forge Motorsport RS3 Intercooler Now Avaliable

kris@forge Nov 2, 2012

  1. kris@forge

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    We now have our intercooler available for the Rs3.

    Here's the link to the website where you will find prices: Forge Motorsport | Alloy Fabrication

    With our extensive development, and the continuing review of our intercooler for the TTRS, we were very eager to use our wealth of knowledge to extract the best possible results with the RS3. Immediately we were able in increase the size of the core, allowing much more surface area and cooling efficiency than the stock core. Our intercooler now uses up all the space the Audi had failed to take advantage of. The core measures a massive 530x130x225mm, and is of bar and plate design. The end tanks are designed such that the standard boost hoses can be retained. To ensure that this monster is adequately supported we supply a modified crash bumper, which also eases the installation process. Total fitting time is only around 3 hours if you take your time, and can be fitted on a driveway if necessary. Rather than release this product immediately after development, we have taken our time with continued testing and tweaking, to ensure that we really have acheived the best possible.


    We have seen excellent results on both standard cars and those which have been remapped. In fact, on the standard car we had to repeat this several times because we just could not believe what we were achieving. On a standard car, with standar software, we see peak gains of 40bhp in back to back testing. On remapped cars, this really is down to the software you have, but we would highly recommend that you get your map tailored to suit your new intercooler.
    Temperature drops are in the order of 20 to 25 deg C at the intercooler outlet, depending on ambient temperatures, and the inlet temperature drops too, compared to the stock core, indicating that along with reducing the differential pressure across the core, the turbo is not working as hard, to achieve the same, and better results.


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