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Forge Motorsport goodies hoses, clamps, joiners, spring kit

jcb Dec 2, 2011

  1. jcb

    jcb Active Member VCDS Map User

    From top left to right

    Forge 4" 90deg bend
    Forge 4"-3" 90deg bend reducer

    6"-4" spun aluminium Velocity stack for Cone Filter (from Velocity of Sound)

    4" straight section
    4" joiner
    3" T piece
    3" joiner

    2x 2" 90 deg
    6mm silicone hose
    4mm silicone hose

    3" Alu Joiner

    Assorted 4", 3" and 2" hose clips

    2.5" straight
    2.5" short 90 deg bend
    2.5" T piece Alu joiner (also have a 60mm T Piece Alu joiner
    1" straight joiner

    Forge BOV tuning kit

    Tial GT28x SS exhaust housing

    Also have 2 weld on Vband housings for a Tial 44mm Wastegate (you just need to buy a wastegate!)

    All new with the exception of a few. sensible offers I will put up prices based on heavily discounted new prices shortly


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