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FORGE Intake (CAI) - Full Write Up: Buying/Fitting/Results

Iggu Jul 29, 2008

  1. Macs

    Macs Member

    The only difference between EVOMS and Forge intakes is the length of the pipe.

    There is little to no difference in the temperature of the air they provide to the turbo. We have measured the temperatures under the bonnet in several places and, when the car is moving, there is almost no difference with the outside air. This because the engine bay is well ventilated and aerated (and that's a thumb up to Audi's engineers).
    For this same reason the heatshields that separates the cone filter from the engine bay seem to be not strictly needed. These heatshields and the longer pipe will really make a difference only when the car is moving at very low speeds (in queues for example).

    In short, the only thing to be investigated is wether a long or short pipe can affect the flowing of air to the turbo.
  2. dc240969

    dc240969 Member VCDS Map User

    Same happened to me, except it was a squeaking. sorted now. Once l found out where to out the rubber piece.
  3. KeepItTidy

    KeepItTidy Member

    FITTED!! :rockwoot:

    Thanks Iggu! instructions helped tons!
    Wasnt to bad fitting the CAI ... the only things i really struggled with was 'popping' the engine cover off! I was pulling like a mad man and it didn't BUDGE!!! eventually it started cracking and pieces broke off! but I got it off and its gioing in the bin!
    and then ... the infamous 'clip' at the bottom of the turbo inlet. excuse my french but.. MY F*CK. took me close to an hour and a few missing fingers to get that ******* off. all the pliers I had, couldnt open wide enough to grip that clip, was just to wide!! but once that was off It went quick!

    Only had a 5 min drive in traffic with it this morning but i can already hear the monster under the bonnet! :whip:
    cant wait to break her loose :)

    Now For the downpipe!

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