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Forge 007P & 006 valve service check

Discussion in 'Forge Motorsport' started by Forge, Nov 11, 2010.

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    Jun 6, 2003
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    We would normally inspect the Forge FMCL 007P valve every 15,000 miles or so .......

    In order to determine if the valve requires a service I would recommend that you carry out the "leak back test" , in order to see if it is required.

    1. Simply push/displace the bottom piston up to the top of the valve either using your finger, a pen or any suitable implement, whilst doing this cover the top small vacuum nipple with your index finger.

    2. Leaving your finger covering the vac nipple, remove the pen, the piston may drop approx 5mm but should then stay in position by vacuum.

    3. You should now see through the bottom port that the piston is held/drawn to the top of the valve .

    4. Next, remove your finger from the vac nipple. The piston should return to its seat.

    5. Repeat this test several times and if there is no gradual leak back all is satisfactory and the valve can be refitted to your vehicle.

    6. If however the piston moves back down, whilst you have your finger covering the vacuum nipple, the valve requires servicing. If this is the case please order a service kit from this link


    Item 2 . we do not upgrade the springs on the cars we tune at Forge , however some customers feel that this modification suits them , if you would like to order on line please go here


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