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For sale 8P Bi-Xenons mint £400

YU51UF O Dec 26, 2009

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  1. YU51UF O

    YU51UF O Member

    now the A3's gone these are up for sale. Thought id put this add up under the A3 section. The lights are mint and have all the bulbs. They are bi-xenons that fit the 8P Audi A3's.




    Offers around £400 and collected from ilford, essex.

    thanks for looking

    Mo :wub:
  2. Ads

    Ads License to drive

    A3 sold??!
    Guess I won't see it rolling through Leytonstone anymore then.
    Seen you quite a few times now, always been a good few cars back though.
  3. L1 HCS

    L1 HCS Active Member

    This thread will now be closed, you are allowed to put a link in your sig to the classified ad.

    Please re-read the rules you agreed to recently if there are any problems. Thanks

    Link to revised rules : http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/announcement.php?f=145
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