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FOR SALE: 2002 BAM Audi S3, Black, FSH, 127k, 11 Months MOT, Tax Nov.

agedog Jul 16, 2011

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  1. agedog

    agedog New Member

    Hi All,
    Standard Audi S3 2002 plate (BAM) 225. Reason for sale is I really do not get the time to drive it! I have been forced into driving Citroen Picasso at weekends, due to having 3 small kiddies, and during the week i work! No time to drive her! I bought the car 4 months ago as always wanted one, but unfortunately its turned out to be impractical with a large young family.

    Please do not let the mileage put you off 127k as this car drives like a dream, pulls through every gear and sticks to the road like a go-cart! (Unless its wet, because I am still using what appear to be a budget rubber that the previous owner put on the car. These are very good in dry, but not very good in the wet). The oil in this car is always golden! None of that horrible black tacky mess, you see in neglected cars!

    The bodywork is excellent, only a slight scrape on the front drivers side bumber (corner), but hardly noticable. I polish her every two weeks and she GLEAMS! Standard 17" Audi Alloys.

    There is a rear brake light out, and changing the bulb didnt seem to fix the problem, could be a fuse or a simple wiring fault. But that is the only issue. (I have not checked fuse)

    Last month I replaced all the discs and pad, with EBC Redstuff and Drilled/Grooved Discs. Which cost over £400! MOT was last month and flew straight through! Taxed till November.

    The head unit is Audi Chorus cassette with CD changer in boot, however I cannot get the CD changer
    to work. TBH if I was keeping I would change to a new head unit with Ipod connection anyway.

    Interior is Black half leather with Blue centres. Original mats still in place. There is a very small (about 2mm) burn mark on the centre of the passenger drivers seat, but not very noticable. All other in very good unmarked condition. (Not me!)

    I am trying to be as honest as possible and list anything I can think of, but TBH this car is perfect mechanically and lovely condition inside and out for a 9 year old car. You will not be disappointed.

    I am being realistic with the price as I would like a quick sale, so I can trade in the Citroen with the cash from the Audi sale to purchase a bit less embarressing MPV! :)

    Offers around £4100, car is located in Swindon. Test drives only with proof of full comp insurance, otherwise I drive! Any inspection welcome (AA Etc). Email me agedog1978@sky.com for pics, or call/text 07540556434.
  2. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Goodluck with the sale.
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