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For any wheels experts out there please!...

Audime Jul 22, 2009

  1. Audime

    Audime New Member

    Hi guys/gals,

    Bought four OZ alloys recently with Offset ET35 5x112. One wheel was delivery by mistake as ET50.

    OZ company in Italy no longer make ET35 offset so have said ET50 would be sent to me as a direct replacement. Now, isn't ET50 toooo excessive for an A6 C5 platform estate (1999)?

    They (OZ) assured me it would be ok but I have my reservations! Could ET50 cause undue stress on bolts and suspension being closer to the center of hub?

    Thanks for any feedback,
  2. Shroud

    Shroud New Member

    As you say your wheel is sitting closer to the struts, etc, so strut clearance would be concern no 1.

    Also as your wheel is sitting 15mm closer to the centre of the car, your tyres will also sit inside the wheel arch by an extra 15mm, which might look a bit daft, unless you are also getting wider profile tyres.

    good luck, but personally i would find an alloy with the same or very close offset to standard.
  3. Fraser

    Fraser Member

    OZ do this all the time, they mess up orders and try to fob you off

    tell them you want a refund or a proper alloy
  4. Audime

    Audime New Member

    Ok guys, heres the score. Alloywheels.com have put on 4 ET50's with no spaces (apparently). Drove up from Southampton to Essex to get this done.

    On the way home, still noticed judder coming through the sterring wheel, so popped over to an alignement shop (Pro Tyre). The tracking was spot on but the wheels did need balancing. This has now been done.

    Still getting wheel judder however! Around 60 - 70 MPH. What else do you guys think maybe the casue of this? Didnt have this problem befire the new wheels!.

    Do I really need spacers? The wheels fit quite nice under the arch.

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