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Football Superstars

captain420 Dec 16, 2008

  1. captain420

    captain420 New Member

    Hey all,

    i am kinda new on here and am waiting to take delivery of my first ever Audi A3 (went for the 1.8T in black)

    Work in video games and thought some of you may be interested in a game i am working on - Football Superstars..

    100% free to download and play football game where you play football as one player on a team of either 3/5/7 or 11 a side games. Once you have played footy and earned a bit of money, you can go spend it like a Footy Superstar in the huge virtual world.. go to bars, clubs, clothes stores or gaining interviews / PR and becoming more and more famous.

    it is quality and it is of course free to play on the PC.

    hope to see some of you online!

  2. danotto

    danotto VAG HUNTER

    does this work on macs and where do you get it
  3. captain420

    captain420 New Member

    it works on Macs if you are running a dual boot - i.e. Windows installed.

    To get it, simply visit http://footballsuperstars.com and register and download for FREE.

    once you have downloaded, create your character, select the team you would like to play for, then get involved. 3/5/7 and 11 a side games to be played, everyone else on the pitch is a human player and there are now 250,000 registered users, so no worries about finding a match to play!!


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