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Fontain.co.uk - opinions??

Mike M Sep 21, 2009

  1. Mike M

    Mike M New Member

    Hi, I'm new on here and am looking to pick up an A4 avant (3.0 TDI) and have seen one on fontains website. Although I'm up in Scotland they're close to Heathrow so wouldn't be a major issue getting down.

    Anyone got any opinions on them or the cars they sell??

    Any advice would be appreciated


  2. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

    Do a search on them mate, not had any experience with them myself, but the general consensus on the site is that they are not very good and to be avoided...
  3. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    I travelled from the North East which is a fair old hike but having seen the sort of stock they had and the accolades they got from one of the AUDI publications, then I decided it was worth the punt.

    The car was as described, 5months old and `as new` and the right price, certainly cheaper than my local AUDI dealers at the time.

    Service was pretty good although they were very stubborn when it came to negotiating, to the point of arrogant IMO. But it was a good car at the right price and there knew it.!
    If i didnt pay the asking price then someone else would AND it had only just been advertised for a few hours.

    Worth considering IMO but only if they are offering something a local dealer cant as they are not part of a network.

    Good luck
  4. Road Razor

    Road Razor Member

    There's a thread on here about people's views and experience:

    My cruise control was retrofitted by Fontain but it wasn't fully connected since they didn't have the necessary wiring diagrams. I tried chasing them about those wiring diagrams but all came to nothing. In the end I said I'll get take the car to the dealers to have the CC connected. To be fair though, Fountain didn't charge for the installation.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2009
  5. Mike M

    Mike M New Member

    Cheers guys, that's the sort of thing I was looking for!!

  6. Dan Gliballs

    Dan Gliballs Active Member

    My S4 came through Fontain and I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.

    An absolute disgrace.
  7. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User


    GTO NEMESIS New Member

    Fairly old thread but I thought I would see if anyone has any different opinions since the above posts.

    I have just bought an S4 4.2 V8 Saloon from Fontain (collect it next week after a new MOT and PDI).
    The car is for my wife and soon to be arriving baby! - Hence the need for a 4 door car.
    The car seems pretty clean and a smooth drive with a nice exhaust note from a full Miltek system. It is also very well spec'ed.

    Hopefully I won't have any issues but I am reading quite a few posts on various forums where people have had issues with them but none of the posts are particular recent.

    I live in Iver where the garage is located so I won't have any qualms in going down there should any issues arise.

    I note "After Sales" seems to be the biggest issue but little detail about what the issues were?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  9. scbduke

    scbduke Member

    Bought my A4 from Fontain in Feb just gone. As a previous poster has said, they were not prepared to negociate on the price (although to be fair it was cheaper than any local Audi dealers were asking for similar cars) but I did get a number of bits thrown in either at cost (rear parking sensors) or FOC (service, MOT and had scuffs on a wheel removed). Not had to go back to them for anything so can't comment on after care but all in all not a bad experience.
  10. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    I found there sales people were extremely arrogant on more than one occasion tbh, I had 20k in my pocket for a car, said I was interested in this car, can you give me more info & can I come have a look, they replied yes no worries get back to you soon, didnt get a reply & they sold the damn car, they didnt even have the decency to advise me & then didnt even help find another, shockingly shxt if you ask me, hence never went back to them & had 2-3 more audi's since, so they lost a shed load of business just for being so stuck up the janker.

    I understand they're there to sell cars end of, but come on thats just plain bloody poor imho & I am not royalty so didnt expect the old P's & Q's as such, infact I'm seriously considering buying an audi/vw from my dealer next lmfao.

    GTO NEMESIS New Member

    Hi guys, thanks for the replies.
    Well, no confirmation when the car is going to be ready to pick up and it will be one week as of tomorrow since we bought the car:(

    It was meant to go in for it's MOT yesterday (Why it has taken so long to MOT a car I am not sure) and then it 'needs some work doing on it'.

    I now recall what had put me off buying a car from them before, the waiting time between purchasing and when we could pick it up.
    Honestly never bought a car from any other garage that takes so long to prep a car so it can be driven away.

    But, as long as it is ready for collection no later than Thursday evening it won't be too much of a drama, if we don't have it for Friday I will be seriously unhappy as I will have to borrow a friends car to go and collect a load of baby stuff that we have ordered (Won't all fit in the 911!)
    If the car comes with any issues after a week plus of prep time I will be extreme disappointed.

    Anyway, I will keep you posted...

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