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Following on from the Dealer Car Wash thread

QuattroSheikh Nov 1, 2012

  1. QuattroSheikh

    QuattroSheikh New Member

    Hi All,

    Based on the related thread clearly there is consensus on dealer car washes.:angrymod:

    I just wanted to ask suggestions on alternatives? I wasn't bothered with my previous car but have been washing my A4 since purchase (due to pride of ownership along with fear of damage!)..........however now the cold weather is starting to set in!

  2. redspudder

    redspudder Sparky

    I always wash my car myself at least once a week.In winter this becomes quite hard so as and when the weather allows im out there with the bucket otherwise i Snow Foam the car and jetwash down to remove road salt,fallout ect.I still try and do this on a weekly basis.

    I have already prepped the car for winter i did this a few weeks ago.cleaned de-coantamination,polish and then x2 coats of Dodo Super Natural hybrid,i generally use collinite 845 for winter protection but i have been quite impressed with the duraibility of SNH so i have stuck with that,again if the weather allows me to i will get a top up coat of wax on over winter and then go through the process in March time.
  3. Soft lad

    Soft lad Member

    Well thankfully, I have just collected my car after it being Clay barred, Polished, Finnessed and Waxed so hopefully that'll do it nicely. Sadly, I think its the end for me and my dealer, too many chances to put things right but failing.

    They had an RS4 in white there being prepped, exactly the same rust spots but they had a company in to do the cleaning of it. Weird, do RS buyers get preferential treatment?

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